23rd International spacecamp 2020 in Orbitall during the Summer Holidays

"For the Earth in space"

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For young people aged 12 and up

Children and young people with an interest for all things space are invited to participate in this 7-day space camp in the summer holidays. The event, which takes place in the Orbitall Space Centre, offers participants the chance to extend their knowledge of the whole universe, while having lots of fun. In addition, scientists, astronauts and other experts will be paying us a visit to talk about their experiences, answer your questions and take part in discussions.

With a 'for the Earth in space' theme, this international camp 2020 is aimed at young people aged 12 and up. During the camp, participants can think about some of the things we can do from space to benefit Earth. By observing our planet from distance, how can we contribute to environmental protection, disaster management or traffic monitoring? Other exciting aspects include how astronauts train, virtual missions on the International Space Station and excursions to research institutes.

International spacecamp from 1st to 8th August 2020

The price for this camp, which includes overnight accommodation, is €350.00 per person 
(including accommodation*, full catering and activity programme).
*in a proper building, not in tents!

Discounts are available for members of spaceclub_berlin.
Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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Orbitall Space Centre at the FEZ
in cooperation with the DLR
FEZ Berlin
Children's, Youth & Family Centre - State Academy Of Music -
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International spacecamp
From 1st to 8th August 2020

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